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Top 3 Subtle Methods of Influencing Users through Your Blog

Influence – this is the powerful thread that binds people and opportunities together. Just like respect, influence cannot be given away. Rather, it must be earned through continuous hard work and a strong resolve. Blogging is a modern way of influencing people. Since almost everyone is connected online, blogs have become the standards in communication. Before you can influence users through your blog, you need to follow some important methods.

Establish Good Rapport

Establishing rapport is an age-old advice. Across all industries, the most successful people are those who can build good, long-term rapport. There’s no hard and fast rule to do this, but you need to be subtle in your approach. Create great content that will attract readers. Think of your blog as a one-man show practically inching towards the market. How are you going to retain attention?

Connect with Top Commenters

Once your blog is already racking popularity points, you’ll find some commenters. These people usually leave comments to voice out their concerns or share something to you. Find the top commenters – five or ten will do. Now that you’ve listed them down, initiate a conversation. Communicate effectively and ask them about their opinions. Nurture the commenters – they will boost your influence naturally.

Solve Your Readers’ Problems

Every now and then, readers will share their problems. As a blogger, your primary duty is to bring solutions for your readers. You can’t solve all problems but the efforts will be appreciated. Besides, you can pitch general (helpful) advice to people. Most will love what you’re doing, while a few will just remain neutral. Nevertheless, a problem-solving blogger has high value in the eyes of people.

Building influence is similar to bricklaying – you need to put all of the bricks one by one. Follow the methods and see their imminent results. If you found new methods, add them in your playbook so you’ll have a resolute framework of ideas.